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Ethnic and International Crafts

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Persian hand-woven Rugs. Made from high quality Merino wool and silk.

[international craft site] AFGHANISTAN
Good craftsmanship and a great variety.

[international craft site]AINA MOJA
This site features selected artwork and crafts from Kenyan artists. Each piece is hand made, therefore all are one of a kind.

[international craft site]ANTIQUE TUSCANY
Collection of arts and crafts rare antique collectibles of the Tuscan and old Italian traditions. Wood objects, instruments, terracottas, pottery and more.

[international craft site]ARAB ART GALLERY
Featuring a collection of original oil paintings which reflect traditional Arabic life style and Islamic artworks.

[international craft site]THE AUGUST COLLECTION
Offering handcrafted folk art imported from Eastern Europe. Most work is one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist.

[international craft site]BAMBOO'S ROOT ARTS
Handmade carving on the roots of bamboo: Interesting items, unusual sculpture from Indonesia.

A non-profit fairtrade organisation composed with various producer groups, producing various types of handmade items such as palm-leaf basketry, jute macrama, nakshi embroidery, women's clothing and accessories. Over 3,000 products, 100% natural, biodegradable, recyclable.

[international craft site] BEDIDO CRAFTS
Wholesale philippines jewelry, handicrafts, natural accessories, beads supplies including shell jewelry, coconut necklaces, and wood bead necklace.

[international craft site]THE BLACK ART DEPOT
Specializing in African American art, gifts & collectibles. Also, a wide variety of Black motivational and historical posters and related products.

Established in 1996 by Werner and Elena Obermeier as a family business and since has developed a strong working relationship with its indigenous artists.

[international craft site]CHOONAK
A range of fine Iranian handcrafts.

[international craft site]COLOMBIAN ART & CRAFTS
Handmade art lamps, tapestry, natural crafts, ceramic, etc.

[international craft site]CORAZON
Traditional and contemporary Arts and Crafts of the Americas, and beyond. Artes Populares for gifts, events, collectors and home. Member: Fair Trade Federation. Representing Artisan Cooperatives since 1997.

[international craft site]CREATIVA MIDDLE EAST
An eclectic spectrum of products in Decoupage by artists of UAE.

[international craft site]CROSSROADS TRADE
Ethnic art traditions of the world.

[international craft site] ECOBUA CURIOS ART-N-CRAFT
Handmade wooden and metal animals for home, office and public place display.

[international craft site]FIRST CHOICE DECOR
African baskets, batiks, art, decor, fair trade gifts and more.

[international craft site]FOTO SEARCH INTERNATIONAL
English - Stock Photos and Images, Deutsch - Stock Bilder und Fotos, Francais - Banque dÃimages et photographies, Espanol - Coleccion de imagenes y fotos, Nederlands - Stock afbeeldingen en foto's, Portugues - Banco de Imagens e Fotos, Italiano - Archivi Immagini e Foto, Svenska - Arkivbilder och fotografier, Norsk - Arkiv Bilder og Fotoer, Dansk - Stock billeder og fotos, Suomi - Arkisto valokuvat ja kuvat.

[international craft site]GALLERIA ARTS & CRAFTS
Canadian made art, crafts and pottery.

[international craft site]GLOBAL CRAFTS
African Art Crafts including batiks, jewelry, toys, cards and many more locally hand crafted items.

[international craft site]GOOD ORIENT COMPANY
Offering a large selection of unique gifts from South East Asia.

[international craft site] HANDMADE ARTS AND CRAFTS NEPAL
All 100% handmade arts and crafts from Nepal.

[international craft site] HANDMADE FULL KITCHEN APRONS
Made by hand in Laos by local people.

[international craft site]HOLYCARDS
Laminated, printed prayer cards and royalty free christian graphics on CD.

[international craft site] INDIA
Social India Craft focuses on urbanizing handicrafts including non-mainstream art-forms. The organization currently works with craft artisans spread across India.

[international craft site]INDIA
An online indian art gallery. Delhi offers finest collection of indian contemporary art, original wood arts and paintings.

[international craft site] INDIAN CONNECTIONS
A large variety of crafts from India.

[international craft site] INDIA'S CRAFT
A wide range of India crafts.

[international craft site]INDONESIANWOODCRAFT
Unusual woodcraft from Indonesia. Also from the artist: Fossil& Stone Craft.

[international craft site]JALVINI CREATIONS
Handmade cards, henna/mehndi candles and money envelopes.

[international craft site]JKB TVASTRA
Handicrafts of India. We curate finest original art pieces for wholesale as well as retail sales.

[international craft site]LINDIBELLS WIND CHIMES
Offering quality wind chimes from South Africa as well as imported Tibetan singing bells, Tingshaws, Himalayan singing bowls and Wuhan Gongs from China.

[international craft site]LA FUENTE MEXICAN IMPORTS
Artwork and home furnishings from Mexico including rustic pine furniture, Talavera pottery, Zapotec weavings, and wood carvings from Oaxaca.

[international craft site]LAKOTA CREATIONS
Featuring handcrafted Native American arts and crafts, including beadwork, jewelry, dreamcatchers and dolls.

[international craft site] LOWELL DESIGNER CRAFT
Manufacturer & exporter of fashion accessories and handicrafts.

Indian contemporary paintings, online art gallery.

[international craft site]MOODSARTS.COM
Original paintings in acrylics, painted vases.

[international craft site]NAEIMI HANDMADE RUGS
Persian hand-woven Rugs. Made from high quality Merino wool and silk.

A collection of Zimbabwean craft made by artisans from various provinces using environment friendly inputs, processes and procedures.

Inspired by the everyday icons of contemporary Asia, Pinyin Press celebrates this unique and vibrant culture with detailed hand-drawn illustrations, prints and pattern.

A treasury of Polish heritage.

[international craft site]PRO PUEBLO FAIR TRADE
Fair trade eco-chic gifts handmade using only natural materials.

[international craft site]RISE TEXTILE
Providing digital fabric printing, digital textile printing, sublimation printing and all type of digital fabric printing services.

[international craft site]R&R TRADERS IMPORT/EXPORT
Authentic African crafts & antiques.

[international craft site]SHALINCRAFT
Crafts from India: Jewelry, apparel, decor, collectibles and more.

[international craft site]SHUNGU CULTURAL ARTIFACTS
An online exhibition of wood art and carvings by African craftsmen.

[international craft site]TALISMAN
Beautiful Talisman and amulets imported from Russia and the East.

[international craft site]TILONIA
Online store and marketing site for rural artisans of India. Tilonia Home Collection includes handcrafted bed and table linens in printed, appliqued and embroidered handwoven cotton fabrics.

[international craft site] THAILAND CRAFTS, GIFTS AND HOME DECOR
Chiangmaicraft offer a variety of original hand made Thai crafts such as triangle cushions, floor mats, traditional clothing, water lanterns and more.

[international craft site]TOPANIEN, GIFTS OF THE WORLD
A multicultural gift store specializing in folkart, jewelry, home decor and gifts while considering the welfare of the artisans.

[international craft site] TUNETOO
Personalised clothes and accessories in digital printing, embroidery or flex.

[international craft site]WHOLESALE HANDMADE PRODUCTS
Bedido Philippines wholesale handmade products like shell fashion accessories, wood handicrafts, coconut decorative item, handmade souvenir giveaway items and natural jewelry.

[international craft site]WOLF SPIRIT STUDIO
Certified American Indian art, crafts and music.

[international craft site]YOUR CRAFTS FAIR
A convenient online store offering a stunning collection of arts and crafts sourced from across the globe.

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